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The Power of Story Telling Marketing with Brook McCarthy

Storytelling Marketing is one of the best ways to connect more deeply with your dream clients and build meaningful connections to your work as a service-based solopreneur and my friend Brook is SO great at doing this.

We met via B School many, many years ago when I lived in Sydney and was just starting out in business and I always appreciated Brook’s no b.s approach to business and the stories she would tell to give meaning to an intangible service like coaching.

Listen To The Power Of Story Telling Marketing Episode Here:

In this episode, we chat about:

  • How Brook does business coaching differently and what keeps her going
  • Something in MY marketing that provoked Brook
  • Brook’s thoughts on how to find the right business coach for you
  • The way that storytelling in your marketing builds relationships and helps make an intangible service feel real
  • And so much more!



[00:00:00] Introverted and sensitive entrepreneurs find success online.

[00:03:40] So many things, motivating by bad examples.

[00:10:37] Power imbalance: Coaches, clients, boundaries, responsibility.

[00:21:34] Online behaviour tolerated more than in-person. Social media’s impact on mood. Trusting intuition in business through social media. Impersonal nature of social media.

[00:26:25] Authenticity trumps fitting in; be yourself.

[00:31:37] Selling services requires making intangibles tangible.

[00:39:13] Suppressing authenticity leads to depression and anxiety.


Also mentioned in this episode:


About Brook:

Brook McCarthy works with values-based business owners who deliver professional services, through business coaching, training courses and masterminds, to equip owners to earn consistent $10K+ months, while magnifying their impact without burning out, getting overwhelmed, or over-spending on team, tech, or other fancy stuff.

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