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Have you ever considered the power of you?

You might take a second every now and again to consider the impact that you have on your family or close circle of friends, or even the mark you might have left on people you come into contact with every now and again but, I imagine, that’s about it. Ultimately and kind of by default, we are the centre of our own universe.

Even those who commit their lives to helping others, do so because of a need inside of them and a blind faith that they are helping the lives of those they touch.

Everything outside of that is merely speculation based on our own experiences and our own beliefs.

Each and every day we get the opportunity to make an impact on someone else’s life. We are given the choice to decide on our own terms whether that experience is a positive one or a negative one based purely on our actions and our words.

The key to making the deepest impact is mindfulness.

When we take a second to consider what we say or do, we make a mindful decision as to which way we take a relationship, an encounter, or an experience. We can go around every day, just being ourselves and accidentally touch the lives of others by default, but we have less control over whether it’s positive or not.


For such a large part of my life, I held the limiting belief that people didn’t see me so you can imagine my surprise whenever anyone shared with me the impact I had on them.

In the past few months, I have opened up to the realisation that my limiting belief neither serves me or is remotely true and, by becoming more mindful in my interactions with others, I have started to see how abundant life is with the possibilities of truly inspiring and miraculous relationships.

Consider the power of this:

– The person who is struggling at work and you choose to approach them with love and understanding, instead of judgement and disappointment.

– The person you made laugh when ordering your coffee this morning when usually you would barely utter anything more than, ‘large latte, please’.

The complete stranger you choose to smile at or compliment instead of just walking by and making no connection at all.

The friend you choose to love instead of judge when they do or say something you don’t quite agree with.


Each and every day we come into contact with potentially hundreds, of people.

Those on our daily commute, those at our favourite lunch spot, those we work with or train beside at the gym, those on social media, those we pass on the footpath or at the supermarket.

And each and every encounter is the chance to positively impact their lives with even a seemingly simple gesture of kindness. If we believe that we can have a truly wonderful affect on everyone we come into contact with, wouldn’t that be a miraculous feat?

That our kindness in the workplace could lead to a connection with a new client.

That a heartfelt message sent outwards could bring so much inwards.

That the spirit and energy with which we live could enable us to help others without even knowing that we have done so.

And isn’t that a truly magical notion?

It is naive to assume that we make waves with every person we meet, just as it is a little crazy to think we go through life completely unnoticed?

But I know that the minute I started being more mindful about what I was sending out into the world and to those around me, the results have been positive and powerful to epic proportions that know no limits.

Only the limitations of me.

It all starts with a smile to one of the extras in your story, a simple hello to a neighbour, a word of encouragement to someone on Facebook that you follow. And pause to consider the ripple affect that could cause that you have no way of tracking.

Think for a second and then leave a comment below, what could you do today to start creating your own positive impact? 


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