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The Quiet Power of Introverts + Why I’m Shifting My Focus

your right light

Hello there!

Since this post, you might have noticed a shift in the direction of my blog (I also mentioned it in my newsletter a couple of weeks ago. Not on it? Get it here)

Yep, I not only confessed to being an introvert, but have also taken a (somewhat) quietly determined step in the direction of helping introverts find their own way to shine in the world.

I realised a few things a little while ago:

:: I LOVE working with introverts, because we just get each other.

::  My past and current clients are introverts (by an overwhelming majority).

:: All the things I love to work with people on (self esteem, overthinking, procrastination, taking action, being SEEN) are things that introverts seem to have the most trouble with;

:: And the quiet power of introverts is something I understand firsthand. I see it in my clients and I’ve had to understand it in myself – the way I work, the way I thrive, the way I re-energise, and the things I need when I’m not feeling great.

So that’s why it became so blindingly obvious that this was the next step for me!



The Quiet Power of Introverts

In her book Insight, Beth Buelow explains introversion as ‘less of a personality trait and more as an energetic trait‘, and I agree with this entirely.

I don’t believe in using the word ‘introvert’ as just another label, an identity, or an excuse to hide behind.

I believe in it as the way you understand, use, and distribute your energy. What you give energy to, how you preserve or renew it, and how you live with your unique blend of energy.

The quiet power of introverts, to me, is:

+ That quiet confidence of someone who knows themselves and knows their shit, but doesn’t need to brag about it.

+ Intimate discussions with your close knit ‘inner circle’

+ Big dreaming and believing you can do it.

+ Taking inspired action

+ Having a powerful influence on the right people, in a genuine, positive way without needing to be OTT.

+ The deep inner knowledge that you’re doing something incredible, or you’re on the right path.

+ Curiosity and a deep love of learning.

+ Calm and quiet presence.

+ Listening to others, observing, and paying attention.

+ Knowing your energy and using it to your advantage.


Why Coaching for Introverts?

There is often a wonderful dynamic with introverts and extraverts working together, but I think there is a lot of exciting potential for bringing quiet power together for expansive energetic exchanges.

You may love working with an extraverted coach, there’s nothing wrong with that (my past coaches have all been extraverts!) but, I’ve noticed that many people don’t really ‘get it’ – the struggles, the internal overload, and the fact that we work in very different ways – and that can be frustrating when someone is guiding you in a direction that just doesn’t FEEL right.

That’s why I decided that I wanted to shift my focus to working with introverts.

To help them find their own light to shine in the way that works for them – whether it be a spotlight or a set of twinkly lights.

As Susan Cain, spokeswoman for introverts and author of the book, Quiet, puts it:

“The secret to life is to put yourself in the right lighting.”

And this is what I’m here to help you do.


I’m so excited about this new direction, I have already received such a positive response from friends, other coaches, and clients about it. I almost want to scream it from the rooftops (not really).

Instead, you’ll find all sorts of new blog topics, resources, and new content coming this way as I dive further down the rabbit hole (just like one of my favourite fictional introverts).

Got your own definition of ‘quiet power’? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Know an introvert who would dig this post? I’d be so grateful if you shared it with them, using the share buttons below or by sending them this way.


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  1. Melody

    How awesome!! I remember when I took my first personality test in school when I was 17. The entire class was an extrovert and I felt so embarrassed to be the opposite. Fast forward to 23, I can now realize all the power and beauty the comes with being an introvert. You’re creating an amazing community! I’m excited to jump on board.

    — Mel //

  2. Katie

    I love that you’re shifting focus. I’ve found your recent insights wonderful lately. <3

  3. Ainslie // Starting With A

    I love your new direction Katherine and I have no doubt you will rock it! I think it’s so amazing that you are proudly waving the flag for us introverts and offering up your beautiful services to enhance our ‘quiet power.’ I also love what you shared via Beth Buelow – so interesting! Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom! xx


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