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Understanding Your Sensitive Energy With Melissa Sandon

Understanding your sensitive energy is so important if you’re introverted, highly sensitive, or neurodivergent.

I was so excited to bring this conversation to the podcast and Melissa Sandon was the perfect person to have it with.

Melissa and I have been bouncing around the same circles for a few years now (we trained at the same life coaching academy and even live in the same city) but have never had the pleasure of meeting. Last year, I was looking for a way to better manage my energy and signed up for her Energy For Abundance course and have just been blown away by how much I’ve learned from her about energy and soul work.

And that was just the beginning! But before I go into more details about that, tune into this amazing episode to hear just how deep Melissa’s passion goes.


We chat about:

  • How to process and understand the fear of being seen and not being seen in life and business;
  • The idea of embodiment – what it means, how to do it;
  •  The importance of understanding your energy and looking after it;
  • Why doing the ‘inner work’ is important for your own life but also to be able to help and serve others;
  • How to embrace your sensitivity and use it as a strength.



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 About Melissa Sandon

Melissa Sandon is a soul mentor and energy medicine teacher. She guides women to step up and do their soul work, be rich and wild in selling their gifts and make their impact by serving their unique tribe of soul clients.

She does this through teaching the art of energy & soul medicine, how to harness your eruptive powers of creation and channel the blueprint of your soul work.

Connect with Melissa here:

Website / Facebook / Instagram


Also mentioned in this ep:





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