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What Does Your Dream Life Look Like (And why aren’t you already living it?)


“Live your dream. Create your life. Lead with intention.” – Leslie Schwartz

When I first came up with The Beauty of Life, I envisioned grand plans of what it would be. A place to inspire and share and build a community of strong, spirited, passionate beings to come on this journey with me.

But something hit me the other day. The beauty of life, in essence, is so multifaceted. In a similar way that we are all attracted to different kinds of people and pursue different career paths, what entails our idea of a beautiful life will also vary.

I can wax eloquent about the importance of enjoying the little things and doing more of what you love, but am I doing that? Have I taken a second every once in a while to make sure that I’m living or working towards achieving my deepest desires? I’m trying. A little bit every day.


What does your beautiful life look like?

When I think of the feelings I most want to feel every day, these kind of words spring to mind:

Connected. Joy. Grateful. Freedom. Abundance.

If you can think of even a few core desired feelings, each and every choice you make throughout your day can be associated with this.  

So what does your beautiful life look like? How does it FEEL?  Have you ever given yourself the chance to think about it? What makes your heart happy? What feeds your soul?

When I sit down and think about what my beautiful life would be, it almost entirely revolves around three things.

+ My relationships and connections with those around me.

+ Feeling joy and gratitude for everything I have and looking after myself through being healthy, active, and getting out and seeing the world.

+ Earning a living by helping others reconnect with themselves and unleash their biggest dreams, whilst having a certain amount of freedom and location independence.

I find, when I break it down like that, I’m surprised at the simplicity of what I look for in a beautiful life. It feels right to me and, most importantly, it reminds me I’m well on the way to already living that life.

And realising that, my friend, is the first step to true happiness! (Often what we want is what we already kind of have and, if not, we then have a pretty good place to start from).



 How can you start today?

You can probably do a Google search and come up with a million blog posts and articles about living your best life. About dreaming big and planning out the steps you need to take to get going. Working your butt off building a business, or networking, or working your way to the top.

But there is another element that is so much simpler.

What if you looked at all the things you think make up your so-called dream life, and then considered how you could start today. Right now.

If your ideal day starts with yoga and fresh juice, followed by working in your dream job (business dreams that you might still be working on), could you start with the first part right now?

Does your day start with sleeping in late and then meeting a friend for breakfast? Maybe you could meet a friend before work once a week.

Or what could you start doing ‘on the side’ to get your business dreams out of your head and into a more real life plan? If you want a life that involves more beach time or more social engagements, can you put the beach into you schedule or start looking to friends and acquaintances and start organising some catch ups and fun nights out?

There might even be some elements of your life that are already ticking your core desired feeling boxes, but you haven’t even acknowledged as something amazing you’re already doing! Just thinking about it is such an easy way to start!

I know when I realised that I could start on my dreams by writing in a cafe, having a weekly date with my man, or going to yoga regularly, it seemed so silly that I had put it off for so long. It’s so simple when you stop and just acknowledge that you’re already kicking butt in some of the areas of life that you have outlined in your ‘dream life’.

 Where you are vs. Where you want to be

Okay, so there might be some aspects of your life that still need work (I know I’ve got a few) but that’s good because it gives you something to work towards.

What you might come to realise is that as you start small and start really seeing those positive changes, you find a new idea or a stepping stone to unlocking just another part of your life that previously had you stumped.

One thing I’ve definitely struggled with is remembering to find joy in the present moment. I’ve spent many years concerned with the dream of bigger and better, of working for myself, or being more free. But what I rarely stopped to consider was that if I could learn to enjoy where I was at that current moment, my joy would increase significantly.

I look back on those times now with such fond memories but remember that I didn’t fully enjoy it. Even these days I slip into, I wish, mode when I need to scale it back to ‘where am I right now and how great is this life?’ mode.

It just takes a moment to pause and acknowledge where you are right now, be grateful for everything you already have, and have that glimmer of hope when you look up at the horizon of possibility.


This week I’m staying in Queensland with my parents and they have one of the greatest views ever (check it out on Instagram @miss_kms).

I’m so lucky that, in this moment, I have a bit of freedom up my sleeve to take off, spend some time with my family, and live it up in this beautiful place.

And, even though life isn’t perfect, it’s definitely a reminder that it’s pretty good and not get caught up in all the other ‘stuff’ and just appreciate it. Know what I mean?

I’d love for you to share this post with anyone you think could do with a little reminder about taking life one day at a time and, if you are brave, leave a comment below with even just one word that you associate with your core desired feelings.


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  1. Maddison

    I freaking love you and this post!!

    I am reading it and loving every single word of it, you are beautiful x

    P.S. I love your core desired feelings, my biggest one at the moment is feeling content, it means peaceful happiness and I think that freaking rocks.

    • Katherine - The Beauty Of Life

      Ahhh I freaking love you too, girl! Haha I love your energy, it’s so beautiful and thank you for your feedback, I’m glad you get me 😉 Content is freaking great! Kx



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