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Where Are You Tolerating Less Than The Best In Your Life?

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Have you ever come across someone who has completely given up on their life? Their job sucks, their relationships are in ruins, and there is a general apathy in everything they say or do?

They’ve basically given up. Accepted the life that has been handed to them. And are waiting for the whole mess to be over (perhaps with the mention of my least favourite saying).

Maybe you haven’t come across someone so forlorn, but I imagine you could name a couple of people you’ve encountered who are heading down that path. It might even be that you’ve found yourself in a situation where – every now and then – you realise that you’re tolerating less than the best in your life.

And, if you’re willing at accept less in one area of your life, there’s a good chance you’re willing to accept less in EVERY area of your life.


Acknowledge your ‘less than the best’

As always, this comes down to a heightened sense of self awareness. If you’ve been busy lately, you might not have noticed that overwhelm and complacency have started creeping up on you.

Or that you’ve given up on something in your life and settled for ‘that will do’.

Acknowledging where you might be accepting less than the best is the first step to getting back into gear and moving forward in whichever area of your life you see needs work.


Ask yourself:

:: How do the important relationships in my life feel right now?

:: How do I feel about work?

:: Where could I be putting more effort or energy in my life?

:: What excuses have I been making?

:: What has been ‘falling by the wayside’?

:: What is important to me?

:: Where have I been allowing less than the best in my life?


Show up and ask for more

This is not an invitation for entitlement and it’s not a chance to raise your expectations of others without putting in some extra effort.

Showing up means to take an area of your life that needs some work and dedicate some time to it.

Just like a garden doesn’t thrive without some work, life doesn’t either.

It’s cool to go with the flow but there’s a point where you choose how that flow goes through the decisions you make. Identify where you’re accepting less than the best and then get to work where you need to.

It might be at the gym or in the kitchen to get your health back on track.

Maybe it’s in an important relationship that you’ve neglected lately.

Perhaps it’s your business that needs a little kick start.

Whatever it is, it’s time to show up, set some intentions for what you really want and do the work. 

Because it is in the doing that keeps you constantly moving forward (no matter how zen and ‘go with the flow-y’ you might be)


The ultimate pay off

When you look at one area of your life that needs some TLC, you’ll probably notice that there are other ways you have been allowing less than the best for yourself. To stick with the gardening analogy, it’s like clearing the weeds.

Once you weed one section, you’ll automatically see other areas that could do with some work and the little tweaks and changes – the commitment to working at your life – will help you cultivate more of what you want and clear out what you aren’t willing to settle for any longer.

Once you start to see improvements in one part of your life, you will create a new level to operate from and, as a result, you’ll automatically start to make changes in other areas (or you’ll start to feel very frustrated – a great sign it’s time to up level, stat).


Where have you been tolerating less than the best for yourself? What’s one thing you can do this week to get back on track?


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  1. Sophie Crooks

    This is very much my mother in law. It makes me so sad, but unfortunately its a situation where no one can change things but you yourself. Though I must admit when she says I’m only happy because I’m not living in the ‘real world’ that empathy gets a little less. We make of life what we choose to make of it. Great article x

    • Katherine - The Beauty Of Life

      Hi Sophie, you raise such a valid point here and further proof that we can only control ourselves and how we react to the choices and opinions of others. I admire your ability to choose a positive outlook and, when or if she’s ready, she will have a wonderful influence close by in you to help her xx


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