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The League Of Extraordinary Introverts Podcast: Greta Solomon

Join me for the latest podcast episode where I talk to Greta Solomon about writing for joy. Many of us write to sort out our thoughts but how can we unleash the creative flow and write for joy?

Greta Solomon and I first connected when she wrote an amazing article about writing for business for The Introvert Effect Magazine. I loved how much heart was in her writing and the practical tips she included as well and it didn’t take long before we decided we needed to take this further and have a chat about why writing is so helpful for introverts – especially in business.

From a career in journalism, Greta is quite new to the online world and has taken so much wisdom from her career to infuse what she learnt along the way with who she truly is to really find joy in writing.


We also chat about:

  • Why writing is another technique for wellbeing;
  • How writing can help you get more in touch with who you are;
  • Navigating the online world and creating in your own rules;
  • The age of authenticity;
  • How to release fear around writing by writing from the heart instead of the mind;
  • Writing rough and messy instead of procrastinating;
  • Writing for joy and your business growing as a result.


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Greta Solomon is a writing trainer and self-expression coach for creatives, bloggers and business people. She is the author of the forthcoming book Heart, Soul & Sass: Write Your Way to a Fully-Expressed Life. And her mission is to help people to better express themselves in writing.


After graduating in psychology from Warwick University, Greta started out as a journalist at women’s magazines in London, in the early 2000s. She worked at top-selling weekly, Woman, and freelanced for Now!My WeeklyCompany and BBC Good Homes, among others. But although she was a successful journalist on the outside, she felt creatively blocked inside. So, Greta embarked on a journey of creative discovery. This saw her become a freelance health and travel writer, a published poet and songwriter, and a student of drama (The Poor School) and lyrics (Berklee College of Music).


Taking the lessons learned, she became an English tutor with a sold-out practice (and a long waiting list!) and a PR account director at SE10, an international business-to-business PR consultancy. She then became a writing coach, trainer and international speaker. Greta trains employees at both multi-billion pound companies and small start-ups, and has authored the book Just Write It! (McGraw-Hill, 2013). Greta’s special sauce is inspiration. People most often leave her workshops hopeful, inspired, energised – and ready to write.


Connect with Greta here:

Website / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter


Other resources mentioned:

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron (morning pages)






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