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Youre-Not-Broken.-You-dont-need-to-be (1)

You’re not broken.

You don’t need to be fixed.

All that stuff you’re looking for to fill a void (another book, another course, more external validation), it is unnecessary.

Everything that you need right now is inside of you.

Yes, you have a light and a dark side.

Because there is no light without darkness.

No joy, without an understanding of challenge, sacrifice, and sorrow.

But it is not a part of you that you must overcome or change in order to live the life you see for yourself.

You’re not broken.

You’re human.

Or, more accurately, you are an infinite ball of energy having a human experience.


We spend a lot of time trying to fix ourselves, berating ourselves for not being our best every second of the day, focusing on flaws and lapses in judgement.

Maybe you think you’re too quiet, or you’ve been told (forever) that you need to come out of your shell or be more outgoing. Maybe you envy those who seem to have it all worked out (they don’t). Maybe you have been losing your shit lately for no apparent reason, or have always thought (or been made to think) that you’re too sensitive.

But what if you could let go of that?

Embrace the light and the dark sides of YOU.

Love and accept yourself as you are.

Realise that you’re not TOO anything.

Reframe and learn to approach your mistakes the way you would with someone you love (can you imagine talking to your sister/best friend/mother that way?)

This week I listened to an interview with Louise Hay. It’s very un-life coach-y of me to be so unfamiliar with her work, but I am (consider me a convert). One thing, in particular, has stuck with me and I have to share it with you:


“It’s only a thought and a thought can be changed…Even self hatred is only hating a thought you have about yourself. It has nothing to do with the truth or reality and, yes, maybe you did something dumb but it’s not worth punishing yourself for the rest of your life. Learn from it and never do it again.” – Louise Hay


Mind blown.


And because I like to serve my soul stuff with a bit of action, here are some tips to consider next time you think you need fixing:

+ Think of someone you love unconditionally. Speak to yourself the way you would speak to them in this situation.

+ Ask yourself if those thoughts are actually true.

+ Ponder whether you can reframe those thoughts to be love-filled instead of coming from a place of fear.

+ Sit with the feeling. Open your heart, instead of closing off and putting on armour, and really feel what’s going on.

+ Tackle some of Louise Hay’s mirror work (that’s confronting stuff, friends, but why not try it out?)


You’re not broken. You don’t need to be fixed.

You are you and – from where I’m sitting – you are extraordinary.

I bet I’m not the only person in your life who thinks that.


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  1. Sarah Jensen

    Absolutely stunning post beautiful lady. Perfectly timed and spoke right to my heart. xx



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