Beautiful You Inspiration Day – Melbourne 2015


Last Friday was the Beautiful You Inspiration Day for the current trainees and, as always, I was overjoyed to get to be a part of it as both an assistant trainer and as a speaker on the panel for introverted coaches.

The room was packed and alive with energy from the wonderful, kind, and beautiful beings who seem drawn to Julie Parker and her Academy and I think it’s safe to say that every single person there left the Cullen Hotel that evening better and brighter, more inspired, and empowered to go out and do extraordinary things.


Just like the New York Inspiration Day earlier this year, the Melbourne Inspiration Day was incredibly special.

Getting to see old friends after too much time apart, and getting to bask in the glow of the newest trainees and Beautiful You graduates was both exciting and a little overwhelming for this little introvert.


Kate McCormack blew our minds speaking about self leadership and the importance of embracing your uniqueness when building your personal brand and business (well, I can’t speak for anyone else, but I was scribbling her brilliance like a boss). I loved hearing her speak about owning your expertise and using that as a way to stand out in your industry. I found myself nodding along to her thoughts on creating a point of difference instead of ‘doing what everyone else is doing’.

One of my favourite things from these days is how much I learn by being in the presence of so many incredible women like Kate!


Then Lisa Messenger author and editor-in-chief of Renegade Collective Magazine arrived and jumped up on stage – and I say that quite literally, what a ball of energy! To hear someone that I have definitely put on a pedestal speak so candidly about her business, with such spirit around the complete uncertainty of the day-to-day was so reassuring. “Oh”, I thought, “she’s human too and – like me and the rest of the room – is just making it up as she goes along.” What a shining beacon of light and someone who is showing us all how it’s done.

If that doesn’t inspire confidence that the bests thing to do is to keep going, keep taking steps forward each and every day, evaluate the challenges, and keep giving it a go, I don’t know what could. It was such a thrill to have hr share her experience with us.


And then it came my time to speak on the panel with Julie and the lovely Elizabeth Rose.

When Julie asked how many people in the room identified as introverts, it was almost 50% – something that didn’t surprise me at all, knowing that coaching is a job that is so perfectly suited to introverted personalities.

Katherine Mackenzie Smith_Julie Parker

I’m not going to lie, I don’t remember much about the 45 minutes I spent speaking about my experience as an introverted coach, I was so nervous that none of the introverts in the room would want to speak up and ask questions, but was so overjoyed to be bombarded with questions even after we finished.

It takes courage to speak up or to go and introduce yourself to someone and ask a question, and to everyone who did, my gratitude is beaming out to each and every one of you.


I’m endlessly grateful to get to be a part of this incredible business and also to Julie and my beautiful fellow coaches who are endlessly supportive and encouraging. I really feel blessed to have them in my life.

I joked to the room that after the Inspiration Day I’d be retiring to Netflix, PJs and quiet time, but not without a big silly grin on my face because, without a doubt, days like this are the ones that you never forget. And I don’t plan to.

I’m so excited about the next Inspiration Day in 2016, and to be an assistant trainer once again for the February course with my coaching BFF, Jade of Event Head. These days totally rock my socks and make my heart burst with pride and joy to be part of this community!

P.S Want to know more? Head here to read all about the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

Photos by the wonderful Fi Mims.