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Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy Review

On Friday I graduated from Julie Parker’s Beautiful You Coaching Academy as a certified Beautiful You life coach.

It’s official!

Sometimes in life things come onto your radar for a reason. It’s happened to me a lot when it’s time for me to start paying serious attention to something that is about to change my life and the Beautiful You Coaching Academy was absolutely one of those things.

I knew as soon as I saw the course outline that this was something special. I’d been researching life coaching for months and nothing felt quite right. There are a lot out there but I found most of them, though, had a very sales-driven, masculine approach (which is totally fine, but also totally not me).

I was looking for a course with heart, a course that would help me take my natural abilities and interest in helping others and harness that into my own unique style of coaching, but with a solid framework to work within. I wanted to learn the business of coaching, but how to run my business in a genuine and heartfelt way that aligned with what I was already in the process of creating.

I had to do this course.

And, when my heart is set on something, I’m unstoppable.

The rest is pretty much history.

What I Knew I’d Get From The Course (and have)

I knew that Julie – being the essence of Beautiful You, and a truly exceptional coach – was going to bring so much to her Academy. She has delivered exactly what she said she would (and more):

– The Beautiful You framework to help clients get the most out of a coaching series

– Incredible self development tools to be the best coach I can be

– Support, love, and invaluable advice from Julie every day

– A truly wonderful learning experience that is fun, emotional, soulful, and full of personal growth

– Tips and information for starting and running a successful life coaching business

– A life coaching certification

I can tell you now, although it isn’t a requirement in Australia to have a certification to be a coach, the confidence that has come with doing this course and learning from someone like Julie, is setting me up for a business bigger and better than I had ever imagined, even very early on.

What I Never Expected To Get From The Course

It’s like seeing a movie trailer and just KNOWING you’re going to love the movie (does anyone else do this, or is it just me?) But this has been one of those incredible life experiences where the real thing is even better than what I imagined.

– An incredibly supportive and encouraging community helping each other out along the way and understanding we all have unique talents and shine in different ways (instead of being in competition with each other)

– Friends for life. The thing that never occurred to me was that a course this special was going to attract a certain type of coach-in-training. Well, it did. If the women in the first round are anything to go by, this course is going to be the place to connect with likeminded and wonderful people.

– Learning more about myself and how I can help my clients than I ever thought possible. The depth that the course goes into made me discover myself, my abilities, and what it is I can really do to help people with their own life.

– Getting extraordinary results with my clients from the get go.

– Getting my first paid client only weeks after starting the course and confidently taking on a number of clients while still studying.

I know I had some skills before and my heart was definitely in the right place, but the course has given me everything I need to really harness that and help people so much more.

My Beautiful You Coaching Offer For Future Coaches

If you’re a coach, or you want to be one, I’m sure it’s obvious that I can’t recommend the Beautiful You Coaching Academy enough. In a very short amount of time I’ve gone from having now business to a coaching business that is growing very quickly every day. I know that this is majorly thanks to the course.

And now I want to help you.

Click here to read about how you can access over $2000 worth of bonuses with me (for free) when you join Beautiful You to become a life coach.

Want to Change Your Life?

I’m so excited to say that my schedule is getting pretty full with clients who are ready to step up, discover what they really want, and take action towards living their best life. It takes real guts to invest in setting powerful goals and then make them happen and if that sounds like you too, I’d love to work with you! (I also like rhyming).

For more info, email me info(at)katherinemackenziesmith(dot)com or check out my Coaching page and let’s make it happen!

Sometimes in life we’re called to make a choice. Change or stay the same. I know that every time I’ve taken a leap, I have landed in a place much better than where I started out.




  1. Naomi Arnold

    Congratulations Katherine!

    Thanks for sharing what you love about Beautiful You. I’m enrolled for the Sydney course in June. I wish I’d known there would be affiliates, as I would have loved to have signed up through your link! Still, I can’t wait to get started…

    Looking forward to following your journey.

    Best wishes,

    • Katherine - The Beauty Of Life

      Thanks, Naomi!

      I hope you’re ready for the incredible experience that’s coming your way! It would have been wonderful to have worked with you, but please keep in touch and have the most amazing time with Julie, Melissa and the Sydney Beautiful You-ers!

  2. Jo Poon @ The Mindful Morning

    Katherine – Congratulations! I have been really interested in this course too so it is wonderful to find a beautiful review of it! I love your site – it’s so bright and vibrant – it’s like a beam of sunshine into my soul! X

    • Katherine - The Beauty Of Life

      Thank you so much, @themindfulmorning:disqus, that’s such a beautiful thing to say!

      It was one of my favourite life decisions yet! Send me an email if you have any questions or want to know more about the course, happy to help xx


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