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Can An Introvert Start A YouTube Channel in 2021?

This year when I was starting to plan 2021 and think about my content, I realised that my favourite content to consume was over on YouTube. I also acknowledged the fact that – for a while now – I’ve been hiding my best free content behind barriers like my private Facebook community and free online workshops. So I asked myself, can an introvert start a YouTube channel in 2021?

This is essentially the first episode, with some insights into my thought process. Why YouTube over other options? How has it taken me this long? And CAN any of us quiet souls cut through the noise on a new platform this ‘late’ in the game. 

Well, you’ll have to watch the episode to find out (or scroll down if you’re more of a reader than a watcher)!

If you enjoy the episode, please be sure to take a screenshot and share it out on Instagram and tag me @miss_kms and I’ll be sure to share your comments and big takeaways on my Instagram Stories as well.


Can an introvert start a YouTube channel in 2021 and cut through the noise?

If I’m totally honest with you I don’t know. I am going to try it anyway, because it’s something that I just feel really called to do and also to show you other quiet, sensitive souls – introverts, empaths, highly sensitive people – that when we want to do something and we have something important that we want to share with the world.

When we have something that we want to create or we just want to do something for our own joy and creativity that it is possible for us. And all the external metrics that we all become so fixated on actually don’t mean that much. They’re not really motivating factors for most introverted people.

Why I’m starting a YouTube Channel

So I’m starting this because I really want to but also because I want to show you that it’s possible to actually just do whatever you want because it makes you happy and brings you joy, and also how important it is – as highly sensitive people, as introverts, as creatives – to actually be creating work and sharing it with the world.

So if this sounds like a journey you want to join me on I really hope that you

will. Please make sure that you subscribe and hit the little bell so you get notifications any time that I have a new video going up. But, also, I want to see the work that you’re creating and putting out.

And, actually, if you’ve been feeling called to do something, that you’ll contribute and participate and create something of your own as well.

Cutting Through The Noise

Introverts in the online space, I hear you. It’s noisy out there, and I know over the years it has been something that has been the source of frustration, not only for my clients and the people that I work with, but also for myself.

It can be really hard to start something new and wonder if it will ever get seen or to even just cut through the noise when there are so many people out there saying very similar things and doing it in a way that just seems to get attention differently to how we might as my introverted and highly sensitive people. I know that it can it take a lot of energy to actually create – and even more to put it out into the world – because of the fear of being seen and the equal fear of not being seen as well.

It can feel like an uphill battle, it can feel like a lot of energy, and sometimes we can get to a point where we just wonder is it even worth it?

And I promise you that it is, especially if you love it.

I love creating content.

I’ve had all sorts of things over the years.

The League of Extraordinary Introverts podcast. Thank you so much  for being on this journey. Please let me know in the comments below. If you’d like me to bring the podcast back in 2021.

I have created free workshops. There was the year when I was doing a free workshop every month to share with my community.

I’ve done the blogging thing. In fact, I had a blog way before I ever thought about having a business. Massive shout out to anyone who’s been around since then.

Please let me know when you came into contact with me and, if you’re still here in my community, that means so much to me. I had a lifestyle blog. I had a life coaching blog and then over the last few years have changed and evolved into the work they do today, but it is a journey.

We all start from zero and I trust you can look back 5-10 years later and look back and go, “oh my goodness. I can’t believe that’s where I started, it is so bad, and you can see here. It’s been a journey even just with my various websites over the years.

Last year, I did a weekly live show in my Facebook group almost every week. And so when I say I’ve done a lot. When I say I love creating content and have created a lot over the years.

I promise you. I’m not lying.

I’ve tried everything

I’ve tried just about everything there is and you’ll be able to see there’s a few videos on here from a little while ago a few years back, but really actually giving it a solid go is not something that I have put a lot of energy into.

When I was thinking about the people that I love to follow, the content that I love to consume and what I was really excited about creating this year, I kept coming back to YouTube.

The truth is that I have spent a lot of time creating content that has been hidden away from the world, and I know this is a visibility thing.

Let me know in the comments below if visibility is one of the things that freaks you out the most. I have hidden some of my best content behind private Facebook groups or workshops that you have to register to attend and so I thought if I’m really going for it this year. I need to put my content in a place with actually going to be seen by new people who aren’t just in my community.

Can an Introvert Start A YouTube Channel in 2021

So the big question is can an introvert cut through the noise on YouTube in 2021? Can introvert cut through the noise anywhere in the online world in 2021?

If you’ve been thinking about starting a podcast,a new social media platform, a business, anything online I can tell you just without shadow of a doubt that. Yes it is possible.

It might seem like, oh if only you had started it back when the platform was early on – I mean YouTube is 15 years old now – and yes, of course. It would be so much easier if we had all started right at the very start of every single platform, but I can guarantee you that you would have said the same 5 and 10 years ago, as well.

Oh it’s been around for 5 years. I’m too late, there’s too much noise out here for me to cut through. And so what I really want to say in this video – apart from the fact is that I just hope you’re doing on this journey as I document my way through the online space, through YouTube and attempting this platform really for the first time properly and also sharing things that I’ve learnt along the way, little snippets from behind the scene – is also that it would be so easy to say:

“Oh I missed that opportunity,”

I know that I definitely would have said that when YouTube was 5 years old, when it was 10 years old, and definitely now that it’s 15 years old, but I can guarantee you that when it’s 20-30 years old we could all be saying the exact same thing.

“If only I started 5 years ago, if only I started 10 years ago.”


Best Time To Start

So the only time better to start a platform then when the platform first started and there was nobody on it is today.

We could have started a year ago, or a week ago, but today is the best time that we possibly can to start creating. The other thing that I have become obsessed with in the last 6 months is actually being able to show up somewhere where no one really knows me or I don’t have people following me, or I haven’t already built a community. And actually start from zero.

I know that this can feel really scary. Especially in a world that has put so much importance on metrics, vanity metrics, numbers followers, how many likes you have, how much engagement you have, how much of everything that you have

There’s something a little bit alluring about getting to practice, getting to try things out, and starting to slowly and build a community in a way that feels sustainable for me, but also means that the people who are my people are going to be here and I’m going to find me and are going to stick around.

The things that I personally really care about are creating from a place of just because I love to do it and because I want to have a go. I want to have a creative outlet that I can share my work, my idea, my message with people who it makes sense to, and also just showing up to say hey I don’t care if anyone’s paying attention or not.

I’m doing this because I love it.

Because I want to, because it makes me happy, and because it feels meaningful to me. And about creating deep and meaningful connections with other introverts and highly sensitive people who are creatives. People who are in business, who are just trying to navigate the noisy world that isn’t really set up to support us. And really just honing in, getting more and more clear. Every time I show up in this space and anywhere online really in my message and what it is. My mission – what it is that I’m actually here to do.

Master Your Message

Side note – I am running a free 5 day momentum builder called Master Your Message in February. So if you’re watching this within a few days or a week or so, of it going live you will be able to come and register for free. I’ll pop all the info in the description.

Come along and get really clear on actually what you are doing and why you’re doing it. How you can connect all of those things with the people that you want to connect with. And the reason for this is it really helps when you’re clear and confident about what you’re doing.

It really helps you to be able to share that. And, if you’re watching this from the future, I will also pop details of how you can get access to that content in the description. If it’s something that you feel like would be really helpful to you.

And also I hope the future is good. How are we going on YouTube? How are we going putting our work out into the world?

Join Me On This Journey

So that’s why I am starting a YouTube channel in 2021. I am doing an experiment. Documenting my journey because – up to this point, the last 7 + years – that I have been in business, that I have been creating content, I have not done that in a way that has really helped me see how far I’ve come and so I’m really excited by that and I love the idea of starting from zero because I love the possibilities of what could happen.

Of the unknown.

And I know that’s so not an introvert thing. I have had to learn to fall in love with that and I hope that you will too.

If you’re still trying to get clear about what you do, why you do it, and who you want to connect with, I hope you will join us for Master Your Message in February -the details will be in the description.

And if you are just interested in being an introvert on some kind of creative business journey, I really hope that you will stick around.

Make sure that you subscribe and hit that bell and please if you enjoyed this video, and you’re excited to see what happens, leave a like, leave me a comment below.

Let me know, what is it that you’re starting this year that we can all cheer each other on together, and please share this with anyone that you think might find it useful.

Any other beautiful, magical, wonderful introverts whose work needs to be out in the world and that they maybe have been holding themselves back and hiding a little bit. Please share this video with them. I want to connect with you all.

Thanks so much for watching and I will see you in the next video.





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