Energy is at the foundation of just about everything I do and talk about, especially with regards to creating and running a business. Finding your flow is, essentially, another way of being in alignment with our own truth and our soul’s desires.

But in a world that has conditioned us against listening to that innate inner knowing, that flow isn’t always easy. It means going against the very conditioning that most of us have been brought up with.

Of denying our inner nature and our cyclical way of being. But it’s time to come back and discover our innate flow and how that benefits our life. Our happiness. And how we show up for our work on a day to day basis.


A New Way of Being

Capitalism has taught us that we must seek outside ourselves for the answers and our animal survival instincts constantly buy into this because when we go against the pack, we may not survive.

There’s a reason that – as sensitive and quiet souls – we have been made to believe that we are weak and will struggle to not just find success in the world, but just to survive. And if we are women, gender non-conforming, or hold other marginalised and oppressed identities, you can see how this becomes even more nuanced as capitalist and patriarchal structures most benefit those who set them up and deny everybody else.

For this reason, it can feel safer to stay quiet. To not speak up. Not share our gifts. Keep telling ourselves we’re not ready yet. It’s not perfect yet. Or that we just need to learn more/read more/sign up to that course to learn that one piece that will change how ready we feel.


Caring For Our Nervous System

It can feel unsafe in our nervous systems, our mind will tell us, that it’s not safe to step out of the box. People won’t approve if we quit our job and start a business or go off the grid. We’ll be judged for what we say on a live video. Or that we shouldn’t post that thing – even though it’s super aligned and what you stand for. That we SHOULD worry what other people think and say, especially if you have trauma from your childhood about being ‘weird’ or too quiet.

But in doing that, what are we giving up? 

What part of ourselves are we keeping hidden?

What if that was the difference between finding our true flow and our true happiness? The people who want what we have? The money we’re looking for or the success?

One simple thing we can do to come back to our own alignment or, simply, our flow.


Finding Your Flow (and what doesn’t flow)

Let’s start with finding your flow. Actually start tuning in. Paying attention. Setting an intention from this moment forward that you are going to start really feeling the things that feel aligned, easy, in flow, and the things that feel hard.

Once again, most of us have been taught and shown that time, space, rest, and stepping away is NOT how you create success. These days it’s an act of rebellion to rest. We’ve become obsessed with exponential growth, denying the cyclical nature of the Earth.

When we stop and step back, we get more perspective. We become more aware of things that we might not have seen when we were making decisions, creating, or reacting in the moment. 

This is also what more introverted types actually need in order to feel energised and confidently make decisions.

  • How does it feel to take a step back and just re-evaluate where you’re at?
  • What do you need to do to spend more time in that flow state?
  • What can you let go of that feels like a struggle?
  • Can you outsource it or find another way to do it, whatever it might be?

To go even deeper with this, you can spend time each morning actually connecting with your body, with your soul, your energy.

Intentionally asking and feeling what feels expansive and exciting, what feels restricting. Pay attention to how your body feels, your sensations, what tenses when you think about a task you need to complete or something you need to do, what softens? 


What happens when we commit to this every day – even when it feels hard.

I have a beautiful energy practise that I share with my clients to commit every day to tuning into the energy of their work, weaving the energy of our soul work and business, energising that container to continue finding your flow. 

The purpose of cultivating a daily practise is to keep doing, keep coming back to, and energising every day is because that’s what it needs.

Our business, our confidence, our commitment to our soul work, it’s not something we can just think about every once in a while – i’ve talked about this before – we have to actively commit to it.

We have to make time for it, to energise the container, show up. Rest sometimes – of course – work out your energy cycles that help you feel most in flow by just paying attention, tracking it, casting awareness on it, and then show up tomorrow.

Keep showing up, before the clients are coming, before the followers and subscribers and customers.

When no one seems to care or is paying attention. On days when you feel like you should maybe quit or it feels especially hard.

We have to keep showing up. Now, when we’re committed to being in flow – or alignment – whatever feels right for you… it’s important to identify that showing up is going to look different on different days – at different points of your personal cycles. When you do this every day, you are energising the possibilities.

You let go of attachment to outcomes, you start to even dissolve those deeply conditioned beliefs and attachments to living within the constraints of the patriarchy and late stage capitalism.


Commit To Finding Your Flow FIRST

The commitment to finding your flow, your energy, and to your own inner alignment becomes everything. It’s how you make decisions, where you create from, how you share parts of yourself. Knowing and trusting that you will start to find your people, they will start to find you.

That those who don’t get it or who aren’t aligned, will move on and that’s all good. That the ideas that come to you are pure and aligned, not as a reaction to what someone else is doing, or what you think you should do, but what feels right and good for you.

If you’re interested in finding your flow and becoming more aligned with your purpose and your own energy, let’s chat about how we can work together.



I’ve recorded this article just for you! Check it out below or on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Soundcloud.



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