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League of Extraordinary Introverts Podcast Episode #7 – Getting Into Action with Naomi Arnold

Naomi was one of my first clients as a coach – many moons ago – and I’ve loved seeing her soar as a coach in the past year or so. The thing that I believe is one of the secrets to her success (alongside being a genuinely wonderful person) is that she makes plans and then she takes action.

It’s can be an introvert’s biggest challenge. The planning, ideas, and making lists are our comfort zone, but taking action can be a different thing altogether.


In this episode, we chat about:

  • Naomi’s best tips for getting into action
  • How her ‘perfect plan’ got thrown out and she learnt to stop trying to control outcomes
  • How this led to her taking major steps in her business (and had to let go and trust it would all work out).
  • How to get stuff done by connecting with someone else for accountability
  • And the system Naomi uses to plan and make sure she’s staying on track with her bigger mission.


Listen to the episode here:

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Also mentioned in this episode:


Naomi Arnold is an internationally certified and award nominated Business & Life Passion Coach, writer, motivational speaker and Engaging Women Ambassador for refugee and women’s crisis centres.

She works with big hearted, creative and mission driven people who want to make a difference in the world. Through her coaching, writing, and award nominated Freebies Library, she aims to help people discover their uniqueness, liberate their inner superhero, and live their version of a passion-fueled and purposeful life.




1 Comment

  1. Naomi Arnold

    Thanks so much for having me Katherine – I could clearly talk to you about these things all day! x


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