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Let’s Talk About Perfectionism


Let’s talk for a minute about perfectionism.


Inevitably, this pesky little word will come up with every single one of my clients. And any time I hold free workshops or Q+As, it almost always appears.


I’m going to say what I say Every. Single. Time. 


“Perfectionism is a myth.”


Sorry to break it to you. I know, in your overthinking brain, this idea of not doing anything until you’ve got it perfect seems pretty logical, right?


But you know what it really is?


It’s a really good way of NEVER DOING ANYTHING.


Because, let’s face it, human + perfection = not possible.


We’re flawed, we’re messy, we’re human AF.


And that’s okay the minute that we accept it as so, and keep going along our merry way.


But, for us highly sensitive, introverted, types, that can be the biggest point of resistance. Like we’ve convinced ourselves that – even though we would never expect it from anyone else – WE must be perfect in order to feel ready.




That’s fear, friend.


And that’s all it is.


Our survival instinct is on high alert in these moments where we just need to ‘wait until we’re ready’, or ‘give it some time to really come together’, or ‘put it off for a better time’. When what we really mean is, ‘I’m scared’, ‘I don’t want to fail or be judged’, ‘I’m fucking terrified of all and everything that could/might/will definitely go wrong.’


But what if we could accept that there’s no such thing as perfect? What if we could acknowledge that we’re shitting ourselves? And then do it anyway?


Let go of the perfectionism. Surrender to the flawed, human messiness.


And do the thing that your heart and soul desperately wants to do. Do it for them. Teach your brain to trust your heart and soul and listen to them above anything else.


Speak to your nervous system when it’s freaking out. Tell your body, it’s going to be okay.


Listen to ‘all the things that could go wrong’. And then do it anyway.


Be gentle with yourself, knowing that any mistakes or shortfalls, or failures are going to be oh-so-handy for the next time you do it. Breathe. And then do it anyway.


Call on loved ones for support. Embrace the mistakes, the spelling error, the crickets when you finally hit ‘post’ or launched.


And then try again.


When we hold out on our dreams because it’s ‘not perfect yet’, give up, we run away, we let fear win. And I have this sneaking suspicion that you have a much bigger purpose here on Earth (being a 1:400,000,000,000 chance of being here as you are).


So let’s drop this idea of good timing, feeling ready, or perfection because it’s a fallacy.


Let’s call it what it is. It’s fear dressed up in whatever feels most safe and comfortable for you.


Take a deep breath, and then go and do the thing that you were born to do.


This doesn’t have to be a solo journey.

I have only come this far through a deep energetic healing and transformation, plus working with coaches and in highly supercharged group experiences.

I’m currently calling in a very intimate group of quiet, sensitive souls who are ready to move through perfectionism and fear and expand into their full radiance. To step up into a new vision of leadership, success, and expansion that I know deeply empathic, compassionate, sensitive people are going to be at the forefront of.

If you’d like to know more about this program, please email me.






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