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Shhh… is Quietly Bringing Joy to Introverts All Over the World


“Shhh… is gorgeous. Tender and relevant and absolutely on-point.” – Tara Bliss

Almost every day since the launch of Shhh… a few weeks ago, I’ve had emails, messages, face-to-face conversations from people who are loving my first eBook.

Shhh… is the culmination of months of hard work, writing, doubting myself, rewriting, and letting go of fear to put it out into the world.

Will anyone like it? Will anyone buy it? What if it’s actually terrible?

You know, the usual.

But, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. And, ultimately, the greatest lesson I have learned along the way is that it doesn’t actually matter what anyone else thinks.

I created it because I had to.

It was a something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and it wasn’t until I really got clear this year and have worked hard at learning and researching and understanding introverts that it became the obvious next step.

It feels like the beautiful culmination of what has been an extraordinary year for me.

Thank you so, so much for being part of it. For the support, the encouragement, and the kind words.

No one ever gets sick of hearing that – especially people who run predominantly online businesses and put things out into the interwebs ether and then ponder if anyone has actually even seen it.

I’m just so humbled that something I care so much about has touched others as well.

Thank you will never be enough.

Here are some of the beautiful words that have been shared about Shhh… An Introvert’s Guide to Creating Inner Peace, Outer Quiet, and an Exceptionally Beautiful Life.



“Shhh… is like a big warm hug from one gentle and understanding introvert to another. Katherine really gets it – and her advice and strategies on how to shine bright as an introvert are both insightful and practical.” – Naomi Arnold


“What a beautiful e-book you have created!  I sat down tonight, by myself, and read it straight through.  As an introvert, who has always struggled with feeling like they don’t fit in with how society wants them to ‘be’, it spoke straight to my heart.  It has given me the courage to go out there and be my authentic self.  The quiet one.  The one that loves space and time to myself.  And the one who speaks her words quietly but, if you actually take the time to listen (without interrupting me!), has a powerful message to share.”   – Nicola Judkins


“Wheee! It looks absolutely delightful darling. It’s going to help so many people,
I just know it.”Tahlee Rouillon





“Katherine has created a truly spectacular resource for introverts to feel heard, know that they aren’t alone and nothing is wrong with them. It provides exceptional tools and activities to help you uncover how you can shine in a way that is true and genuine to who you are.

And in a world that is always demanding more, my favourite lesson was learning why your comfort zone may actually be a wonderful place to be. Shhh left me feeling calm and content and at peace with who I am – something I know everybody could use a dose of. ” – Maddison Vernon


From Facebook



“I’m up to page 25 and must go to bed but I just have to tell you… You are freakin amazing!  Honestly!  Beautiful written.  So thoughtful.  So educational.  So engaging.  So thought provoking. So damn professional.  So wonderfully researched.  So personal. So soft and gentle and pretty… just like you.  So far I love it all girl.  You inspire me, truly you do.  Be very proud of your hard work.  I love every thing about it so far.  And the title?  Perfect!” – Sandra Kelly


“While extraversion may be have been the flavour of the day, us introverts are slowly raising our hands and (quietly) standing in our power, choosing to live a life free from comparison, feeling ‘less-than’, and resignedly trying to change to ‘fit’ the mold.

If you wish to be on the path of owning and cultivating your own amazing introverted life, Katherine’s incredible Shhh… is an invaluable resource in diving into your own thoughts, emotions and patterns to give yourself permission to live life on your terms.

Shhh.. is full to the brim with genuinely useful information and exercises that work to cultivate and celebrate your introversion and the inherent gifts that live within you, and is beautiful to boot!
Most of all, Shhh… creates a calm, centred and intentional space in your heart, where you can harness your power in creating a life that will energise, uplift and carry you onward to your goals. Shhh… is a must have!” – Claire Murray


From Instagram

 IMG_3733 ***
By Chloe Wigan, One Infinite Life



Want to know what all the fuss is about?

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