League of Extraordinary Introverts Episode #4 – Being an Event-Loving Introvert with Jade McKenzie


So, you’ve been using ‘I’m introverted’ as an excuse to not go out and see the world?

Me too, you’re not alone! But I’m sorry to tell you, the latest episode of the League of Extraordinary Introverts is about to bust that myth (for the most part).

Yep, I’m talking to the events pro, Jade McKenzie of Event Head.


In this ep we also talk about:

  • How organising events is actually perfect for introverts (from Jade’s personal perspective).
  • Why events are integral to growing a successful business
  • How to run events that work for you, your business, and your unique blend of introverted energy.
  • Why slow and steady can be such a beautiful way to build a business. Not to mention having friends by your side.
  • How to get started with your own events.
  • And even some tips for introverts who want to attend more events and how best to do that.

I get it, I’m a big fan of Netflix and PJs but Jade even managed to encourage me to get out and go to some more events.


Listen to the ep here:

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Jade McKenzie is an event professional for heart-centered entrepreneurs and business owners who have a positive message to share through their events and workshops.

The short version? She helps people who care run events that matter.

With over a decade of experience in event planning and business development in the not for profit and corporate sectors,  Jade’s work has been enjoyed by thousands of people in Australia and internationally and has been featured in The Herald Sun, The Age, MX, Channel’s 7, 9, 10 and The ABC,  and more.

As an event manager she has had the pleasure of working with gorgeously divine movers and shakers like the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, The Wellbeing Web, Earth Events, Kathryn Hocking, Denise Duffield Thomas, Victoria Gibson, The Connection Exchange, Jane Copeland, Belinda Davidson, The Blogcademy and Gala Darling as well as various not for profits.

As a coach she works with beautifully soulful and passionate clients to help them create dream worthy events full of purpose and power and as a speaker she has taken to the stage in Australia and New York to talk about all things event planning, niching and networking. You can learn more about Jade and Event Head at www.eventhead.com.au.


Want to get passionate about events with Jade McKenzie?

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What was the best tip or insight you got from this episode that will help you next time you think about going to or running your own events?

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