The League of Extraordinary Introverts Podcast #3: – Living Intuitively with Connie Chapman









Connie Chapman is one of the first life coaches that I ever came into contact with and she is often the first person a lot of my clients mention to me when talking about how they got started down the personal development path.

By living intuitively and embracing introspection, Connie has been able to quietly impact people all over the world through her podcast, Awaken Radio, her insanely popular 90-Day Transformation Project, and her powerful one-on-one coaching.

When she agreed to be the third guest on The League of Extraordinary Introverts podcast, I was over the moon (you might be able to hear in my voice how thrilled I am to be talking to her about her journey and the importance of introspection and living intuitively throughout this episode).

Tune in to hear us talk about:

  • Being the opposite of an overnight success
  • The behind the scenes work of online business that no one else sees
  • Being open and introspective with your own feelings to impact others
  • Trusting your intuition as an introverted person (instead of looking externally)
  • Letting go of judgement from others of always achieving and doing what feel right to you.
  • Authenticity and taking time to tune inwards in the online world.
  • Allowing love to overcome fear when pursuing your passions.



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Connie Chapman is a certified life coach, speaker and writer empowering big dreamers and soul seekers to create lives they love (from the inside out). Through her international 1:1 coaching practise she has personally guided hundreds of women and men to break free of their limitations and unlock their true potential.

Connie is the creator of life-changing ecourse The 90 Day Transformation Project, and host of the Awaken Radio podcast where she shares raw and heart-felt conversations that receive over 10,000 listens a month and which are downloaded in more than 50 countries every single week.
Known for her authentic, honest and soulful approach, Connie’s transformative work is all about re-connecting with your heart and inner wisdom, embodying more love, peace and freedom, creating a mindset that empowers you, and learning to truly accept and value yourself.

Her work has been featured on leading magazines and blogs across Australia, including Wellbeing Magazine, Cleo Magazine, Sporteluxe, Peppermint Magazine, Yahoo 7, Inspired Coach and many more.  


Want to dive deeper with Connie?

Connect with her here: Website / Instagram / Facebook / Pinterest / Twitter


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