Why Introverts Make Great Life Coaches

As an Assistant Trainer for the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and a Certified Beautiful You Coach, I naturally have a lot of conversations with new life coaches (and introverted coaches, in particular).

A couple of questions have come my way in the past week or so and I wanted to set some things straight.

Firstly, I actually don’t think personality type, gender, nationality, anything really determines whether or not you’ll be a great coach. I truly believe that attitude is everything. That being a curious listener and a student of life are so key. That if you want to be a great coach with every fibre of your being, then you will be.

But, for the interest of this article, I’m going to focus on some more introverted traits to help anyone considering becoming a coach to really realise that the only thing stopping you is you.


Introverts are excellent listeners

One of my clients this week actually queried her skills as a coach, saying that she prefers to listen and only speak when she has something really important to say. She thought this was a bad thing and was going to negatively affect her impact as a coach.

Quite the opposite, actually.

Listening is probably one of the MOST important things about being a coach. I think we could probably all practise less talking and more listening, as a rule. But, as a coach, even more so.


Introverts have the ability to hold calm and quiet space

By creating a quieter coaching space, your clients have a greater ability to be with their thoughts too. It allows them to talk things through, answer their own questions, and feel safe to speak their minds.

More introverted people aren’t quick to fill pauses with words so that leaves space for clients to come to their own conclusions or take their thoughts and feelings a step further than they might otherwise.


Introverts are really good at one-on-one

There’s still a pretty solid social belief that introverts don’t really like people. Not correct! In fact, we thrive in one-on-one situations because we don’t have to spread our energy, it’s more concentrated. We love getting into really deep and meaningful conversation quickly and this can create some pretty powerful stuff.

In a group situation, a more introverted type can get worn out and overwhelmed, that one-on-one is the space that we actually feel energised, if it’s with the right person.


Introverts don’t waste time with small talk

I’ve recently discovered that my ‘go-to’ small talk is the weather. I hadn’t noticed it until recently that I’ve taught myself to have small talk with strangers, when required, and my default is the weather. It alway works.

But in coaching sessions, small talk is a no-no. In a one-hour session, ain’t nobody got time for that. So it’s straight in and getting right to the juicy stuff from the first minute a call starts.


Introverts and extraverts can form a really great dynamic

Although these days I pretty much exclusively coach introverts, the introvert/extravert dynamic is a beautiful one.

Extraverts often have a more masculine energy of go, go, go. They can dive into things without thinking them through fully. Or make decisions on a whim. They’re often outgoing and full of life but sometimes they can use the help of that more introverted energy to slow down, think things through, and process before diving into something.


Introverts and The Beautiful You Coaching Academy

Since the moment I met Julie Parker and learned of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, I was a fangirl. I actually think Julie and I nailed that introvert/extravert dynamic when she was my coach and my teacher because she helped me to grow and expand in ways I could never have imagined.

The thing I love about Beautiful You is that heart centred, feminine energy around it (if you’ve done any research into coaching schools, you might know what I mean. There’s a lot of sell, sell, sell going on out there – no judgement, to each their own, I say but I also say, ‘not for me’ when something just isn’t!)

This worked so perfectly for me. I always felt during my training that Julie created a really safe space for learning. Plus, did you know that three of her four assistant trainers are introverts? Talk about bringing some Myers Briggs diversity into the mix!

If you’ve been toying with the idea of becoming a life coach but you’ve been wondering if your more introverted side is going to handle it, I’m here to tell you that you absolutely can.

As a proud affiliate of the course, I’m also offering some bonuses if you choose to sign up with me that you can find out more about here.

If you have any questions or would like to chat to me about the course, being an introverted coach, or whether Beautiful You is right for you, please email me info(at)katherinemackenziesmith(dot)com



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